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At MurphyMcKenna, we believe:

Miniscule design details matter most.

As craft-obsessed carpenters, we are fastidious about how we execute the myriad of tiny design details that inspire pride in clients and architects. Armed with architecture backgrounds, we pore over and probe the architect’s drawings to fully grasp the artistic vision and the role that the details play. Our favorite thing is to elevate these details within the most challenging design plans to create something stunningly unique with our collaborators, be it an unexpected view or a exquisite finish.

We are passionate about delivering at the height of our craft. Everything about our process is constructed to support this.



As proven and prudent perfectionists, MurphyMcKenna earns your trust by eclipsing design expectations at each phase of the building process. We are methodical about our process because making wise decisions, especially “minor” ones, for a complex project often hinges on several factors as well as a deep level of knowledge, experience and organization. Dedicated and high-performing collaborators. Honest and constant communication.



During this critical phase, MurphyMcKenna produces a painstakingly prepared pre-construction binder:

  • Specifies the construction details
  • Identifies the scope of work
  • Includes bids from pre-qualified subcontractors and collaborators
  • Thoroughly reviewed subcontractor proposals
  • Contains a preliminary budget
  • Contains a realistic schedule
  • Outlines cost reduction strategies (VE)
  • Pinpoints risk areas



Upon contract approval, with the objectives, budget and schedule approved, our North Star becomes creating a building that’s truly a piece of art. Once the subcontractors have been selected as the right fit for the project, they then become key collaborators. Our approach is to eliminate silos and instead forge synergies between everyone involved in executing the architect’s vision, irrespective of their locations (i.e., on-site in Sonoma, behind a standing desk in downtown San Francisco, on a ski slope in Zell am See). In this way, we can move with greater accuracy, agility and speed.



When turning over the project, we ensure the client is confident about knowing what information is where. We are cognizant of the fact that projects are remembered by clients by how they finish. As such, we do whatever it takes to leave the client feeling proud of the building and keen to tell others about their positive experience with MurphyMcKenna.

To exceed the client’s needs and goals, we begin our last week of work with the same focus on excellence and follow-through that we possessed on our first.

We aim for a zero punch list, so that when we walk through all components of the project with the client, architect and design team, there are few items outstanding. We are fastidious about getting these final details right, recognizing that they can be the difference between a solid build and a stunning one.

During construction project closeout, we present full documentation created during the project, from final budgets to warranties and product literature, in a closeout binder. This is the culmination of our well-organized documentation management system and process throughout the build.


Clients often like the continuity of working with MurphyMcKenna to maintain and service their building, as well as to undertake small projects. They trust us to expediently manage everything from a water heater issue to installing a new bathroom feature. Given our close relationships with subcontractors, we can deliver a range of services, always ensuring quality.

We value the opportunity to continue to serve clients year after year, delivering not just on our design promise but on our dependability as well.