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Anthony Murphy


From the hills of San Francisco and Hollywood to the valleys of Sonoma and the UK, Anthony has been pursuing perfection in craft and high-end construction for nearly three decades.

As a young man growing up in Ireland, he had a natural and instant love of carpentry and architecture. He obtained prestigious degrees in advanced carpentry and joinery from Bolton Street College in Dublin, where he also completed numerous courses in engineering. An old-world craftsman who has a penchant for modern design, Anthony talks frequently with his team about delivering to the client “what the project deserves.” Skilled hands, carefully selected materials and ideas that coalesce to create a perfect piece of art.

The freedom to deliver at this level is why Anthony started Bay Area-based, boutique-sized MurphyMcKenna. He does not just oversee all projects at the firm, he immerses himself in them, bringing his extensive experience, straight talk and exacting standards to bear. As well as leading and working alongside a team of like-minded, honest professionals, he has built lasting relationships with repeat clients, renowned architects, talented designers, quality subcontractors and other collaborators throughout Northern California.

A byproduct of these successful collaborations has been public recognition. Anthony’s work has received multiple awards and a number of his projects have been featured in publications and on TV. Outside of work, he can be found sailing his boat with his two kids on San Francisco Bay. He also spends time supporting housing and educational causes, such as Habitat for Humanity and Haiti Partners, to name a few.

Sean McKenna


In his more than three decades of professional work, Sean has accumulated an impressive portfolio of projects, from London to Los Angeles, as a result of his unshakable commitment to construction integrity and the finest craftsmanship. Since he was a young boy, Sean has been fixing, improving and building, from tractors on his family’s farm growing up in Ireland to large-scale commercial buildings and custom, luxury homes in London’s tony Chelsea district and throughout Southern and Northern California.

On MurphyMcKenna sites, Sean leads day-to-day operations and construction in the field, taking ownership of the quality of work. An elite carpenter who executes impeccable finishes, clients can be confident that anything Sean touches will turn out to be exceptional; his work mirrors his keen knowledge of materials and scale.

Where others might see construction headaches, Sean creates hope with his MacGyver-like ingenuity, which leads him to unearth creative solutions. Sean is respected for his patient and encouraging manner. Specifically, how he teaches and mentors other craftsmen and collaborators through challenging projects, fostering exceptional teamwork. He is the ultimate go-to person on every site. Sean earned his doctorate from the school of hard knocks the old-fashioned way: through diligent hard work. He subscribes to an old Irish proverb that states, “A trade not properly learned is an enemy.”

Scott D. Wilson

Marketing Director

As marketing director for MurphyMcKenna, Scott spearheads the majority of the firm’s public relations and communications activities. With a strong focus on growth, development, and digital marketing, Scott is the liaison through which new relationships are fostered and fueled.

Having spent years in the tech industry as a designer, both in Seattle and Silicon Valley, his appreciation for branding/identity further developed. Scott previously held creative roles at Microsoft, Infoseek/, and Excite@Home Network.

A bona fide ‘Okie from Muskogee’, Scott has called the West Coast home since 1992. Initially relocating to Seattle from Oklahoma, he currently resides in Point Richmond, California. Scott is a fine artist. Outside of the office, he spends the majority of his time working on excruciatingly detailed drawings, collecting art and hanging out with his beloved retired Greyhound Yona.

Kevin Moon

Senior Project Manager

An astute and meticulous manager, Kevin has an extensive track record of completing projects effectively and efficiently, with clients and collaborators singing his praises.

Prior to joining MurphyMcKenna, Kevin owned his own general construction company for 18 years. He applies this leadership and hands-on experience in all phases of residential building projects, from managing sites and subcontractors to timelines and budgets.

Kevin’s open nature fuels an easy rapport with clients, architects and other collaborators. He’s a great communicator and enjoys educating clients about the construction process. Kevin holds a BA in literature from the University of New Mexico and currently lives with his family in Novato, California, where they have a project home of their own. His personal interests include competitive sailing, gardening and time with his family.

N Duvernal

Senior Project Estimator/Coordinator

After graduating with a degree in architecture from North Carolina State University, Noah entered the trades, where he quickly developed mastery of each tool set.

Fusing his rigorous academic education with this hands-on background enables him to read and interpret drawings at a nuanced level, translating them into scheduling, material specifications, site logistics, and team coordination, among others. Noah delves into the drawings with a thorough and thoughtful understanding that increases the accuracy of his estimates. For clients, this means lower overall project costs and fewer change orders.

Process-driven and people-centered, Noah takes particular pride in the relationships he’s built with his network of subcontractors and collaborators. He’s passionate about creating a sense of camaraderie between the office and site construction for the greater design goal. A certified home inspector, Noah enjoys playing the drums, fine woodworking, and quiet time with the family when he’s not calculating and coordinating at work.

Alan Harris

Senior Project Estimator/Coordinator

Part technologist, part project professional, Alan oversees MurphyMcKenna’s IT infrastructure and coordinates an array of projects.

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, his interest in configuring machinery began when he put together an ion rocket when he was six. For 30+ years, Alan has used his skills for IT and project management. He ensures the firm both employs the cutting edge of cloud-based construction services and most effectively utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles for project documentation.

An Air Force veteran, Alan hails from a family with a tradition of service. He also holds the titles of Head Barista and Chief Dog Walker at MurphyMcKenna. Alan has called Berkeley home for the last 27 years.

Jen Jensen

Project Coordinator

With over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial development, Jen brings a broad range of skills to MurphyMcKenna. Having worked on a multitude of both new construction projects and home remodels, Jen continually strives to build on her strong foundation of project coordination.

In the office she focuses on budget management, pre-construction, operating policies, forensic accounting and team building. She is driven to pursue excellence in her work, and takes great pride in providing the most accurate and precise guidance for her projects.

Jen is a California native with a background in design. Her eye for detail and ongoing commitment to excellence has served her well, believing accountability is everything.

When she’s not in the office, you can find her in the garden, enjoying wine county, riding horses or taking a road trip with friends and family.

Cynthia Salvisberg-Haeuser

Accountant/Office Manager

As a dedicated and extremely detail oriented professional, Cynthia is MurphyMcKenna’s Office Manager and Accountant extraordinaire. Getting her start in corporate accounting working for Victoria Station Restaurants and Fiorello’s Artisan Gelato, she eventually migrated to residential construction accounting. With a lifetime of different accounting positions in the North Bay ranging from ‘working out of the garage’ accounts, to non-profit corporations related to local conservation, she honed her skill set to bolster a variety of accounting practices, systems and procedures.

Most of her days are spent in Marin where she was born and raised. Having the pleasure of working in Pt. Richmond some years ago, she is ecstatic to return, still enjoying the ride over the bridge and escaping when she can to the sands.

Her favorite quote, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

German Reyes

Site Superintendent

German Reyes grew up in Nevado Toluca, a stratovolcano and the fourth highest peak in central Mexico. Over the past 20 years, while working directly with Anthony & Sean, he continually cultivated his finish carpentry skills. He has developed a gift for precision and leaves nothing to chance, constantly keeping his eye on the finer details.

German has always seen life as a true gift and laughs his way through many of the problems we all face. This attitude is imbued and reflected in his leadership, both on site and while working with crewmembers. He moved to the U.S. in 1999 and currently lives in Hayward with his beautiful wife Marlen.

When not focused on construction, he spends his time hiking, camping, and snowboarding…all the while still thinking about work!

Joaquin Munoz

Finish Carpenter

Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Joaquin has been with Murphy McKenna for 7 years.  Having friends and family in construction, Joaquin began learning the trades at an early age.  He grew as he continually strived to develop his skills, and is now an enthusiastic carpenter.

He loves challenging himself and fine tuning his craft.  Joaquin’s good taste in music dictates the radio station on the job site.  When not working, he loves spending time with his wife and son in Richmond, CA.

Robert Ashley

Project Coordinator

Robert Ashley received his B.A. from UCLA and a Professional Studies Diploma from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He is a classical double bassist by training and is currently a faculty member of the UC Santa Cruz Department of Music, as well as the Principal Bassist of the Marin Symphony.  He performs with the San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Atlanta Symphony.

It was always a dream of his to build instruments, and after learning advanced composite techniques from plug and mold making to vacuum resin infusion, he decided to start building carbon fiber basses.

Now with Murphy McKenna as a finish carpenter, he brings his unique skill set to the jobsite  and is keen to find novel solutions to complex problems.

Francisco Reyes

Finish Carpenter

Francisco also grew up in Nevado Toluca with his brother German. He moved to San Francisco in 2006 and began working and learning the trade from his brother. Francisco is a dedicated and hard-working tradesman, always positive and always beaming with positive advise and the biggest smile.

In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym, and honing his cooking skills. His chilaquiles and carne asada are famous among his friends and family.

Jeff Felicetti

Site Superintendent

Jeff’s interest in construction began at the early age of 10, when he started building, fixing, and creating things with his grandfather’s encouragement. Through that guidance, his knowledge and enthusiasm continued to develop, and eventually construction became a lifelong passion. When tackling any project, he feels the entire process is built upon a solid foundation, both literally and figuratively.

Jeff is very much a ‘glass-half-full’ kind of guy and believes there isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with the right attitude. Being a father of two, he has always felt his children are his biggest inspiration.

When not on the job site, Jeff enjoys West Coast swing dancing and racing sailboat’s competitively.

Cesar Alvarez

Site Superintendent

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Cesar grew up with landscape construction in his family. After graduating from Novato High, he began learning basic concrete framing initially and eventually moving to rough carpentry. Once this course was charted, he never looked back.

Fast forward, now with MurphyMcKenna as a Site Superintendent, Cesar enjoys overseeing multiple job sites and keeping both schedules and quality control on track. While overseeing the communications between various site personnel, and always fostering the growth of his fellow tradesmen, he is often seen as a site mentor.

On his free time, he enjoys taking long walks with his wife and daughter and working in their ever-evolving garden. He also considers himself a budding meat smoking specialist!


River Porter

Finish Carpenter

River was born and raised in the Bay Area, where he began working as a journeyman carpenter at age 17. Excelling in school with a keen eye and all things involving his hands, he continued learning the carpentry trade and honing his skills. He thrives on helping others and on-the-spot problem solving and learning. Everything he builds inspires him to want to learn more and he is always seeking out new skills and techniques. With natural charisma and curiosity, he is quickly embraced on the jobsite.

When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, dirt bike riding, camping, and long walks on the beach with his four legged companion Mufasa.


Matthew Murphy

Apprentice Carpenter

Having finished high school last year, Matthew is very interested in making his race car go faster and is intent on expanding his studies through Industrial Design. He currently works part-time between classes, developing and refining his finish carpentry skills.

When not studying or working, he can be found at the Solano Racetrack.

Saoirse, MS, LMHC


Completing her doctorate with honors at John Hopkins University in 2018, Saoirse feels that nobody knows her humans better than themselves. Her approach to traditional psychotherapy consists of allowing her humans to talk freely with little to no interjections (what a concept).

This allows her humans to openly explore their emotions and feelings, while simultaneously creating a safe and positive dialogue.

With a rigorous and extremely structured work ethic, Saoirse also keeps her humans physically active with frequent ‘time-outs’ and walks to encourage reflection.