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“Anthony and the team at MurphyMcKenna have been a pleasure to work with and are able to provide early phase estimating services in addition to general contracting.”

—Earl Wilson, BAR Architects

“Sometimes there is an innate and successful fluidity that develops and guides a project towards success. An ability to think outside the box and ‘on the fly’ problem solving are strong MurphyMcKenna traits. Not only are they experts at finding ways to execute a design, but they are extremely proficient at staying on schedule. It is also through a clear and concise management of the project that made our experience memorable.”

“Murphy McKenna is an old school builder, utilizing today’s new school technology. They are true craft builders and easily communicate the paper trail we all live by. It’s not often to get both in today’s market.

It’s not “in the detail”, it is “the detail”. The work we do is a team sport, their team can help and lead. From the engaging front office to seeing Anthony put on the belt and imitate partner Sean – they know how to build. They understand intent and share their expertise in its execution.

It’s not an easy environment to be a standout in, their work does, standout”.

—Jeff Zimmerman, Zimmerman +Associates


“I’ve known and worked with Anthony Murphy for over twenty years.  We’ve done exceptional projects together.   What makes them special is the relationship between art, technology and craft, between architect and builder.   MurphyMcKenna are “Master Builders” they bring expertise and professionalism to the work that we share, elevating the process and product”.

“MurphyMcKenna are excellent collaborators bringing their expertise and attention to detail from construction estimates to finish craftsmanship. True teamwork!”

—Tim Hepworth, BAR Architects

“We appreciate how thorough and detail oriented the MurphyMcKenna team is.  Our collaboration was exceptional and made the client experience seamless and our job as designers that much easier!”

—Alice Cummings, McCaffrey Design Group


“MurphyMcKenna has been very helpful on a current project where significant solid rock excavation under an existing home is occurring. They have been responsive, found the perfect subcontractor for the work, and we are looking forward to embarking on this project. The project also includes surgically cutting a new 49′ elevator shaft through the existing three-story home to the garage below. With such a complicated project, we feel we are in good hands with MMC”.

—Daniel Robinson, MacCracken Architects

“We thoroughly enjoyed the collegial teamwork with MurphyMcKenna on the job. Our client received clear reporting on project costs and schedule, while we as architects got superior care on both infrastructure and installation details. Their projects are characterized by craftsmanship and built to last.”

—Mark Tetrault, 2M Architecture

“I’ve worked with MurphyMcKenna on a project that required great attention to detail, as the products used were high end and needed to be installed in a very precise manner in order to show off their beauty. The project was also running on an extremely compressed schedule, and it finished on time without a sweat. Anthony’s team is courteous, patient and professional; they do a great job of monitoring and supervising their subcontractors, and they’re very communicative.”

—Adele Salierno, Studio Ku

“We have successfully completed several very high end and complex projects with MurphyMcKenna Construction. As consultants with 30 years’ experience in the custom residential market, we always look forward to collaborating with MurphyMcKenna; they are highly organized, professional and produce premium results. Anthony Murphy and the entire team are exceptional builders. I recommend MurphyMcKenna Construction every chance I get”.

—Alfredo Zaparolli, Techlinea Inc.

“We had a defined vision of what we wanted our home to be and Anthony and his team’s input was instrumental in making our dream a reality. This was an internal remodel that required extensive structural modifications such as addition of extra large view windows, cantilevered staircase, removal of walls, repositioning structural elements, building shear walls and reinforcement of the foundation. Basically MurphyMcKenna rebuilt the house from the inside. The reno also required fine carpentry and workmanship to carry out our interior design ideas like the slat ceiling, which turned out to be far more difficult and involved than anybody foresaw. The tolerances for the carpentry were very fine but their master carpenters succeeded beautifully, and in the end visitors comment on the ceiling as much as our view, which is stunning.

All this was carried out during the Pandemic when supply chain logistics and staffing were a constant source of potential chaos but MMC’s staff kept the project moving ahead. Communication was excellent and their commitment to maintaining the work flow kept us from despairing. Well not too much, LOL. The confidence boost and reduced stress from working with such professional builders was a huge plus. A side benefit was the MurphyMcKenna’s workers were popular with our neighbors despite the interruptions and inconvenience.

We look forward to working with Anthony & Sean and the rest of the MMC team for the second – and hopefully final – phase of the renovation”.

—Doug W and Susan C, Clients

“After we designed our dream home on the Bay, we were faced with the daunting challenge of finding a contractor who had the technical expertise to complete our structural and foundation complexities (long, open spans to optimize the water view, an additional story requiring complete reinforcement of the existing foundation, and difficult easement requirements) and also the craftsmanship to provide high-end finishes and stunning detail work throughout.

Our experience hiring MurphyMcKenna for our project has been nothing short of exceptional.  Not only is the work impressive, but Anthony and his team have provided clear and timely communication on every aspect, and also seamlessly supported every small design change with ease.  Most impressively, the project remained on schedule and on budget throughout, and our neighbors (inconvenienced, to say the least) have had nothing but accolades for the MurphyMcKenna crew and their work”.

—Todd W, Client

“I would give MurphyMcKenna a 5-star recommendation to anyone looking for a General Contractor with a direct honest approach to remodeling or building their home in the Bay Area. Both Sean and Anthony are straight to the point and what you see is what you get.

As a Modular ​Designer, I have worked with Anthony on numerous project​s in the Bay Area.  I would have no hesitation in referring MurphyMcKenna for your construction needs.”

—Paul J. Nyulassie, NYŪ Designs

“I’m a repeat customer of this company’s services, having relied on them to construct both a 3-story, 4000 square foot duplex condo project in San Francisco and then later a large custom single-family home (more than 5000 square feet).  Both projects were extremely complex, and we were impressed by Anthony (one of the principals) and his insights, expertise and contributions to overcome numerous logistical challenges that came up trying to effectuate (and often remediate!) the architects’ plans.

In constructing the San Francisco duplex, his tasteful accents and improvements to the original design were masterful and helped us command top dollar when we sold the units later.  The realtors raved over his tasteful execution using different structural elements of wood, stone and steel. Based on his earlier phenomenal work, we hired him again to build our dream home in Berkeley, which is really a work of art thanks to his efforts.  It was an extensive project, requiring a demolition, significant excavation and retaining wall work, tons of concrete, dozens of steel beams/reinforcements, and substantial amounts of high-end carpentry work.  His team handled dozens of design changes seamlessly and efficiently. We could not be more pleased.

From what I’ve seen of Anthony over the past 10 years he is extremely conscientious and will do everything he can to bring your design vision into perfect form.  If we build another home his company will definitely be our first choice again”.

—J Nicholas G, Client

“Thank you for the tremendous work you and your team did for us.  We are thoroughly enjoying our new kitchen and bathrooms, especially now that it’s finally totally complete.  Yes, Home Depot finally managed to deliver and install the range, so now our kitchen is fully functional.  Everything turned out so well.

I know we had some quirky wants like the powder room.  Your team dealt with our wishes with total professionalism.  They rose above the many challenges, including the confusing design issues and the delivery delays for so many items used in the project.

A special mention goes to Anthony Parrish.  He was amazing to work with.  He has the most “can-do” approach and identified countless potential problems in time to make changes and adjustments.  He has a great attention to detail and even noticed issues with the original construction and finish out of our home.  We were also able to address these mistakes, so all the work blended with the untouched areas of our home.  Anthony is also incredibly friendly and a great communicator.

We would gladly provide a reference to anyone who wishes to speak with people who have used your company.  And anyone who asks for building works, we will definitely provide them with your contact details.  Thank you so much for helping create our spaces just the way we want them.”

—R. Kreeger, Client