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Redwood City

REDWOOD CITY  Redwood City, CA

This 1940s home initially had a very simple and traditional layout. The owners, who entertained often, wanted to open up the floor plan and create a new uniformity to the outside spaces surrounding the home. The reconfiguration of inside and outside now share a cohesiveness with the site and its solar coordinates. The new layout maximizes the enjoyment of natural daylight while also improving temperature control of the home. Along with a variety of green building materials, solar panels were also installed to lessen the home’s carbon footprint.

Architect: Rossington Architecture

Designer: Alice Roche

Structural Engineer: Murphy Burr Curry

Landscape Architect: Dirk Moyer

Photographer: Rien van Rijthoven

Awards and Publications:
Residential Design & Build – ‘Engaging Warm Modernism’, 2010